PARC provides supports to Physical Activity Promoters across Ontario through consultation, training, networking, and knowledge sharing.

PARC was established in 2003, is managed by Ophea and is funded by the Government of Ontario with the key objective of reducing chronic disease through physical activity.

Currently, PARC’s programs and services are available in English (with some services available in French).

The Don’t Skip Out awareness campaign was developed to support physical activity promoters as they encourage individuals to be active.


Physical Activity and the Early Years: Building Lifelong Habits

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Physical activity is an essential part of healthy development in children, and the early years are the best time to...

Energizers: The Early Years

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Let’s start with a quiz. Everybody now put one hand in the air, one hand in the air …1 if any of the following applies...


Brampton, ON
This is a Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA) course. Restorative Care (RC) strives to provide residents in long...
Brampton, ON
This workshop is based on research conducted by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA) with frail older adults....

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