What Is It?

Are you…

  • Developing a physical activity resource?
  • Creating a workshop?
  • Starting a physical activity program?
  • Looking for resources on a specific topic related to physical activity?

Contact PARC first! We have a variety of expert consultation resources to help you with your projects.

Benefits of PARC’s consultation services include:

  • Providing expert consultation support tailored to your specific project.
  • Connecting you and your program to PARC’s extensive network of experts and partners.
  • Linking you to up-to-date and relevant research and background information.


How Does it Work?

  • Available in-person, by phone, or over email, PARC’s consultation and referral services can offer expert advice and support.
  • A consultation could range from answering some questions over the phone to a full-day meeting with subject matter experts.

PARC is funded by the Government of Ontario to provide consultations to physical activity promoters in Ontario. As often as possible, PARC provides consultation services free of charge or using a cost-sharing model. For more information about consultation pricing, please contact PARC at

To request a consultation, please contact PARC:
Phone: 416-426-7120