Ontario’s Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program: Implementation Manual For Your Primary Care Organization

Ontario’s Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program (PCDPP): An Implementation Manual For Your Organization

This manual will introduce primary care organizations’ administrators and staff to Ontario’s PCDPP and to support the effective and efficient implementation of the program by providing concrete examples, strategies, considerations and testimonials — all from the Ontario context. The manual includes: an evidence-base to support the program; a program overview and logistics to get started in your organization; recruitment, promotion, planning and implementation strategies and considerations; evaluation considerations and more.

The PCDPP is a comprehensive group-based and community-based lifestyle program, based on the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Prevention Support Center’s program Group Lifestyle BalanceTM, designed for adults who have been identified with, or are at risk for, prediabetes and/or metabolic syndrome. In Ontario, it has also been adapted and delivered to participants already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to provide opportunities for secondary prevention, as well as primary prevention.

How to use this manual:

  • Share it: Share the manual with your executive director and colleagues to raise awareness of the program within your organization and to build a case for implementing Ontario’s Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program in your community.
  • Refer to it: Consult the manual during the planning and implementation stages of Ontario’s Primary Care Diabetes Prevention Program in your community.

The manual is available as an electronic download (English only).