Professional Learning

What is it?

PARC offers a variety of professional learning for physical activity promoters. These opportunities present current research and explore how to apply evidence to physical activity policy and programming. They include a variety of health priorities, health promotion, and physical activity topics.

How Does it Work?

  • Both free and fee-for-service
  • Provincial and regional settings

Learning types available:

  • Speaker Series Webinars
  • In-person Workshops
  • Webinar Library of Recorded Webinars

Find different professional learning topics by searching via the delivery method of training you wish to take (i.e., in person workshop or speaker series webinar, recorded webinar). Alternately you can use the life stage selector to narrow down the trainings to a more specific age group.

If you are interested in scheduling an in-person workshop, please contact PARC at for pricing information.

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PARC is funded by the Government of Ontario to provide workshops to physical activity promoters in Ontario. As often as possible, PARC provides professional learning services free of charge or using a cost-sharing model. For more information about workshop pricing, please contact PARC at

Engaging the Aging: Physical Activity for Older Adults (Webinar)
Who says things have to slow down as you age? This recorded webinar explores the benefits and key elements of effective physical activity programs for older adults. Strategies for overcoming...
Evaluating Walking Environments Using Audits – A Comparison and Discussion
Walkability audits can be used to achieve a number of objectives. This webinar reviews three examples of walkability audits conducted in Southern Ontario and outlines the different audit frameworks...
Exercise During Pregnancy
A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is very important in the development of a healthy baby. Many women are interested in being active during pregnancy but are concerned about doing too much. In...
Getting Active After School Workshop Slide
Promoting an active and physically literate lifestyle shouldn’t just happen during the school day. That’s why this workshop was designed to promote healthy active living any time, any place, after (...
Policy Characteristics slide image
This webinar focuses on physical activity, policy, and the childcare setting.  Participants will learn about: Key concepts in physical activity;  The importance of policies in childcare settings...
How to Engage Francophones-When You Don't Speak French! Slide
In this webinar, the importance of Francophone engagement and some key principles and factors to consider are reviewed. The bulk of the webinar focuses on three simple steps to take to engage...
Improving Access to Recreation in Your Community
In partnership with HC Link and Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO), this webinar will prepare you to improve access to recreation in your community. Ontario municipalities, community-based...
Integreating Social Media in Your Work Slide Image
This presentation covers: Current trends and tools in social media. Examples of organizations creatively using social media. How to use social media in health-promoting ways. Presenter...
It’s 2017! Persisting Gaps and New Opportunities to Actively Engage Girls and Young Women Slide
It may be 2017, but the struggle to achieve gender equity in sport and physical activity continues. During this 1 hour webinar, Sydney Millar will reflect on persisting gaps and barriers that are...