Get Active on Vacation

We love that vacation time with the family can include summer trips away from home! Here are our top tips for staying active and eating healthy when travelling. Want a fun summer challenge for the whole family? See how many activities you can check off our list while on your family vacation.

Take a walk

Sign up for a walking tour to see landmarks and other tourist destination points or choose to take frequent walks to explore your vacation city.

Hit the trails

The perfect way for explorers to spend the day is on a hike. Get a map of the hiking trails available to you from your vacation spot in advance and plan out your routes.

Do a biking tour

Tune up your bikes or rent a few and take the family on an adventurous bike tour and see how many interesting things you can spot.

Try out a new cultural sport or activity

Discover a new sport or activity on your vacation. Trying something new as a group will challenge the whole family and get them working as a team.

Take active breaks from long rides

When on a long road trip, take frequent breaks to recharge and stretch your legs. Stop by the fruit stands or sight seeing landmarks along the way to keep your muscles moving and to keep the driver refreshed.

Play in the water

If you’re near the lake, ocean, sea or pool, take a moment to do some of your favourite water sports like canoeing, swimming, kayaking and surfing.

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