2017 International Physical Literacy Conference – PARC Conference Proceedings

In April 2017, PARC attended the 3rd International Physical Literacy Conference (IPLC) hosted by Sport for Life Canada. This event brought together sport, health, education and recreation experts to advance the knowledge, application, and implementation of physical literacy programming across the globe.
PARC had the opportunity to support the conference, which included providing proceedings for the conference. PARC staff attended 34 presentations, providing notes on:

  1. Key Learnings from each session;
  2. Connections to PARC and Ophea’s current work; and
  3. Considerations for how key learnings might be applied to PARC and Ophea’s work.

PARC also presented a modified version of the Getting Active After School workshop at the conference, led an energizer using the Yoga Alphabet Cards, and had a table in the Exhibitor Hall.

Click here to download PARC’s 2017 IPLC Conference Proceedings.

Use the conference proceedings to:
  • Catch up on what was presented at the conference;
  • Learn who is leading research on a variety of topics related to physical activity;
  • Identify potential partners for your future work.
Highlights from the conference included:

Watching the opening and closing ceremonies that were performed by a First Nations elder from the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, to recognize and respect the land on which the conference took place, and starting and ending the conference in an inspiring and meaningful way.

Connecting with delegates from Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Experiencing the Ranting and Raving Town Hall session Friday evening which was very effective at engaging participants and encouraging them to share their thoughts on the conference and on their work around physical literacy.

Presenting the Getting Active After School workshop, which highlighted PARC’s work in promoting physical literacy in after-school programs, as well as through Ophea’s key resources like PlaySport.