About PARC

The Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC) is the Centre of Excellence for physical activity promotion in Ontario. PARC was established in 2003 and is funded by the Government of Ontario with the key objective of reducing chronic disease through physical activity.

PARC promotes collaboration and use of best practices related to physical activity policy, programs, and resources to support physical activity promoters and other community stakeholders in implementing strategies across multiple sectors and across the lifespan that have an impact and produce results.

PARC’s services provide the opportunity for capacity building amongst physical activity promoters working in public health, community health, recreation, and sport across Ontario as well as continuous improvement and enhancement to the delivery of quality physical activity initiatives and the effective promotion of physical activity in a population health context. 

Key services include:

  • knowledge exchange and professional learning opportunities (e.g., in-person and webinar trainings, and customized workshops);
  • consultations and referrals (e.g., regional and provincial support through physical activity experts);
  • and networking, partnership development, and stakeholder support.

Using a collaborative approach, PARC works with subject-matter experts to support knowledge transfer and to enhance opportunities for healthy active living in Ontario.  PARC also has a role in facilitating the execution of provincial coordination strategies to support implementation of provincial policies and alignment with priority initiatives related to physical activity promotion.

PARC is managed by Ophea, a not-for-profit organization led by the vision that all kids value, participate in, and make a lifelong commitment to healthy active living. Ophea works in partnership with school boards, public health, government, non-government organizations, and private sector organizations to develop groundbreaking programs and services that support healthy active schools and communities. For more information about Ophea visit ophea.net.

PARC is one of fourteen health promotion resource centres (HPRCs) in Ontario. Click here to view the full list of health promotion resource centres.